S1E10: Michael Cragg

Tom is joined by Beat and Guardian journalist, Popjustice features editor and Max Martin superfan, Michael Cragg, as they make a toast to shitty interviews (on the birthday of Lil’ Kim). The pair chat about the Swedish Polar Music Prize - specifically when awarded to Björk, Max Martin and Emmylou Harris; the rise, fall and rise of Lady Gaga; which member of Little Mix farted in an interview; the struggles of female popstars (a recurring theme!) and when Michael once bled in front of Usher. Michael recounts his once-in-a-lifetime experience on the 777 Rihanna tour, in which she took Michael and fellow journalists on a mini world-tour in seven days. It quickly descended into chaos. The pair also try to piece together the Top 100 biggest selling female artists of all time. Michael chooses Leona Lewis, Alphabeat and Brandy & Monica for his Aux Cable Selections.


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