Episode 12: Alim Kheraj

Tom is joined by Britney superfan and freelance writer Alim Kheraj (who, amongst other things, contributes to Beat, iD, Popjustice and Noisey) as they make a toast to the city of Las Vegas, for reinvigorating the career of The Legendary Miss Spears. The boys chat about their Las Vegas experiences and Alim recounts seeing her live at her residency and the iTunes festival. This episode is dedicated to the life, times and works of Britney Jean Spears and Alim discusses what it is that makes her so special.. and how she shapes up against today’s younger batch of pop starlets. The pair also discuss the upcoming Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize; who they want to win, who they don’t want to win and who will probably win anyway. Alim chooses Britney Spears for all three of his Aux Cable Selections.


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